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I told you

I had little, it was enough for me to know you were gonna be with me
What I wanted was promised, I was ready for anything for you
What I felt like, you have no clue, I just wanted to love you
Now it's late to explain, it's all the same to me.
Did I tell you so, tell me, you will come back to me
I told you when you were with another guy, when you remember me I won't be here
What I felt for you is long gone and everything is ice
Even if you want to come back, there will be no one, I hope he makes you happy.
I thought everything is gonna end with you
My wound won't heal
If you leave, my life is over
The memory of you won't fade
Sadly that's the way people are, we value something when we lose it.
Chorus (x3)

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