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Last Night She Dreamed

Last night she had the thought:
Will this be the last time she can sleep it off?
But this morning everything has been quit different
Waking up without a shower
Her father and her mother
Aren't really able to help
And support her
But they try their best as far as they can
Out of fear
She hasn't done her nails
Who knows she will have to fight
And that way... it's easier to beat them up
She is barely twelve years old
Grown out of the clay but
As soon as she arrives in her neighboring country
She will actually be an adult
My girlfriend who's living down the road
She is on the wrong side
At least that's what they say
But I don't get it because:
I am the same to her
As she is the same to me
But because we were born differently
None of us is free
Last night she dreamed:
Yesterday it has been the last day
Tonight will be different
Once it will all ever come to an end

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