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Friend, please listen to me
I need to talk with you
I need an advice
To heal the pain I'm feeling
He's very quiet
Doesn't talk with me any longer
That has anguished me
Friend, he didn't mean to make you suffer
You don't have to get angry with him
I can even prove he tried hard
It wasn't his fault if the things were not going well
I know you know something
Tell me I'm ready to listen
But what he asked me to say
That he's happy on her side
For many years of solitude
You've hurted the heart
Of that man that loved you so much
Friend, I've made many mistakes
I know I deserve this punishment
Convince him to come back to me
But he said he's fine now
That he found someone that takes care of him
That doesn't judge him
And understands everybody can make mistake
You took so long to get regreted
Friend, accept you lost him
And don't get angry with me
This other woman is me

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