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Breed Ravens

I told you: 'Oh my lover,
Because of how much I love you,
Leave not my side!'
You didn't heed my words
And you left with another woman
Without even looking at me...
Look at how I'm paying
For the love that I've given you!
Christ spends His live forgiving,
And he died on the cross...
Sorrow, ah...!
Breed ravens at your leisure
So they will rip your eyes out
And blinded...
And blinded,
Down the paths of the world
May you encounter sheer horror!
You're a raven disguised
As a sly pigeon cock!
And your words, they're needles
That rip out, with their nails,
My heart's very flesh...
Sorrow, ah...!
Give this thief the death penalty!
Ah, ah, ah!
Because I've fallen,
Because you see me defeated,
You're throwing stones at my forehead...
Come on, stop hiding your hand,
For it is a much more Christian behaviour
To cast those stones openly!
I've already lost all hope
Thanks to how you've repaid me...
Your betrayal is a spear
Thrust right here, in my side.
Sorrow, ah...!
After having loved you so much
Now, I must drink my own tears
All alone...
All alone,
With my blindness,
Which is a thorn in my side!
Go on, tell the truth
And let's see if you'll see reason!
And then, it won't take long for people
To know that you're a coward
Who slayed me treacherously...
Sorrow, ah...!
Give this thief the death penalty!
Ah, ah, ah!

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