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The poet's prayer.

I cannot dig nor spade nor scythe, cut nor harrow,
And I eat all the bread other people have sown.
But all of the softness any man can harvest,
I have sown it, O, Lord.
I cannot but in vain build a wall of good stone
Nor set a window-pane that the sunlight will kiss
But all that anyone can build on happiness,
I have built it, O, Lord.
I cannot fashion silk nor comb wool with a brush
Nor weave any basket out of the fountain's rush
But all that one can weave to clothe any man's heart,
I've woven it, O, Lord.
I can't sing nor revise folklore like a songman
Nor even memorise just one prayer by heart,
But all that one can sing to feel a better man,
I have sung it, O, Lord.
My life has spread itself out in chords at your feet.
The humble child I used to be's remained in me.
The little that a child can give in his naivety,
I'm giving it to you, O, Lord.

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