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Versions: #1
At night through the sidewalks
Waking from corner to corner
It’s neither a man, nor a woman
It’s a feminine travesti
She stopped between some edifices, displayed all of her orifices
She is the diva of the gutter, her body is an occupation
It’s slum, garage, sewage, and for your disgust
I’m always undergoing deconstruction
In the streets, through the mutterings, it’s were she gets her livelihood
She peddles her body to poor, rich, indebted, millionaire
She has no God,
Nor motherland,
Nor husband,
Nor boss
Fear hear does not belong to her vocabulary
She is so singular
She is just satisfied with plurals
She wants no dick
She wants peace
Her secret ignored by everybody, even by the mirror
There is always a man for a woman, but there are 10 women for each man
And a woman is always a woman
She has the face of a woman
The body of a woman
The behaviour, butt, breast and the dick of a woman!!
After all
She is made to bleed
To shovel and only spit
And if they pay, she gives it to anyone
But as long as they pay!
So I applaud
The travesti who strive for their existences
And every day they conquer their right to live and gleam
Live, gleam and highlight
She is an amapô made of flesh and bones
Industrial silicon
Razor in her mouth
Tight knickers

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