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From traumatized, misused
Destroyed things in school
Teachers thought this boy is sick
Into a hollow place they have put him
To heal, into an institution
But there's no nurses, a student deals with you
To a career college dorm to live in
Mental health problems planted on a saddle
No help while having symptoms while waiting on a line
Good enough for the healthy ones in school (no!)
School has been fucked up, you're not able to get a job
Who the fuck accepts a raggare (who?!)
You get a shit job, full day
Even then the money won't suffice for the food and rent (fucking fuck)
Has drinked all weekends to escape
Until meeting a friend who wanted to offer a line
I'm wrestling with a problem, but it has been so prosperous
That can do no harm, I snorted
Self-confidence, finally me
Self-assured, medicated the self to order
The moment becomes routine, alarm bells become music
The central nervous system works no-more, we become t-rexes
Jon on the prisongate has a word to say
How much does that subu cost nowadays? (How much is it today?)
Metal objects into boxes, can look, not touch
In wards, in a treatment afterparty, have laid on ceramic tiles
On expanding, listened to the changes, cursed, pale ones
Never lies again, (I don't force)
Maintaining survivors
In their thousands of royal clubs
I see them in the bars
Asking them if we'll practice breeding
I've been in various news mediums
The bass bumps, clowns dump, running after a better life, rob
Numbing the emotions, drowning the worries
Collecting the profit from the greasy machine
It's a one that sucks, the crawler tracks are bloody
Everything good feels bad and bad feels good
That's why they test how good you can be
That's why they test how in goods you can be
It's a fucking robber, rob that pig
The shit has it's limits, rob that rich
The aim is, rob that pig
Rob the rich, rob that pig
Don't believe me, everything I tell is a lie
Look at it yourself, the truth is there, within (LISTEN)
And nobody would learn anything here if the answers were ready given
And you have to find the answers yourself
Otherwise they wouldn't be your answers
Lord, creator, allah, god
I have faith in my thing on a faith's mission
Many roads lead to the same place
Depending on where you're coming from
Truths learnt from broken mirrors
None of these fags won't share from their own (don't want)
I came to ask, you don't want to share from your own (don't want)
Who is a dude like that, who makes their own belly full (who?!)
And won't give the leftovers to hungry but saves them to himself
We are breaking this world
Everything is natural, except you (you)
We got the warmth from the forest, lived there
Hunted, gathered, bred, died
Nowadays we invent how to be fags without dying
To be gods (god dammit)
Needs taken from purposes
Not part of the nature but destroyers
Didn't we use to get by much easier
Before the digitalization, globalization
Machines, escaping the death
Modifying the nature, denoying being part of it
Kids played in the parks, now browsing each other online (why?)
Connected to the web, you get all this with money
Slaves of the system, no place to escape
You're on my land
Self-image got from the broken clowns, ambitions from the tv
The businesses are not lead by humans but money
Thinking about it why you lost your job
Driven away from the warmth by a guard, former entrepreneur without a job (you)
Away from the way of the rich, a quickie loan advertisement on hand
Lost game, no place, no straw
Criminal record on a credit report (this)
Heaven on the tv-screen, the box is stared by healthy, sick (you)
Al Qaida as the enemy (me)
Oh I wish I had money, heaven, Adidas
You wonder why I break some fucking window
What fucking else can I do anymore (what can I do?)
Buying an advertisement patch from a newspaper for my thought, vote (HAHAHAHA)
None of these fags won't share of their own
I came to ask, you wont' share from your own
I no longer ask
No poors, not in your finland
No unemployed, not in your finland
Could those robots of yours also live this life of mine
Have been running like a crazy, living dead (no more)
I've been wasted for too long
I'm thoughtless, I'm staying sane here
It becomes so hot you no longer need a furcoat (won't have to)
So hot you can no longer escape into the corners
No need to go to the solarium
You'll burn alive (You'll burn)
When the whole world is fucked up, in hell
Unawarely having suffered from being empty
I found myself from a holy war
For humans against the machines, for nature against the humans!
Refrain (2x)
What can you do anymore?
Run you the future of the new is so dark
And in the end the beginning looms
Oh how I loved you
I can't draw better with the words

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