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Every day falling asleep later
Opening my eyes only at night
In a constant search of being of use
Spending my best years
And sometimes broadening the horizons of my consciousness
So I can understand something better
Turns out as if I intentionally
Narrow myself down as I lose all meaning
No longer doubting
That I could lose my mind
Words sound so loud
My head can't take it
And I don't know anymore
Where to search for myself
Loitering from day to day
Amidst the mountains of dirty laundry
And I don't know anymore where to search for an answer
No matter how simple it might be
I sit here for what seems like a hundred years
Letting out steam from my lungs
No matter how much I want to do
I don't have any strength ever
Spending my life sitting in the dark
Just so I don't see the faces of others

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