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Fresh fruit

That kiss of your mouth that tastes to me like fresh fruit
That slipped from your lips and got stuck in my head
That kiss I dream of when pain stalk me
That takes me to the very heaven and brings me back to earth
I pray, pray, pray, and though I have no cure
May the memory of her kisses drive me insane
Yes, yes, yes this love is so deep
You're my favorite and may everyone know it
You're my favorite, the little girl of my eyes
Who makes my life sweet, who calms my anger
Who's the prettiest when I take her to a party
The one who always sleeps in my bed with the angels
Let they say it on the radio that I really love you
Let they say it on the news and after the TV drama
On a sign that say there's no one like you
Let they say it on China, let they say it on the moon
Guararé Guararé
Guararé, guararé, guararé
Ay, guararé Guararé
Don't forget me because I won't forget you
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