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My Spanish Girl

Abraham Mateo-eo.
Verse 1:
It's 12:00 AM and my body asks to dance with you
And although I'm not your friend, with a touch, touch,
I'll make you feel that you know me, I know,
We have all night, baby.
Feel how it's going up,
Feel how it's going down,
My body is calling for it,
My heart is accelerating.
This dance is getting good,
My head is getting out of control,
She is showing her figure,
Her Spanish-style beauty.
Lelelele, so crazy,
Lelelele, my Spanish girl.
Lelelele, so beautiful,
Lelelele, she gets out of control.
And that's my Spanish girl,
And that's my Spanish girl.
Verse 2:
She swings the nightclub
And dance so that everyone can see her.
That's my Spanish girl, of hot blooded.
Be careful, don't leave her alone
'Cause she gets on the table and we've already burning it,
And leaves all the men K.O.
She turns and dance a Bulería for you,
Either by solitude or happiness.
And that's my Spanish girl,
Hey, you got me crazy, baby!
And your body,
Yes, your body will soon be more 'my own' than yours,
Even if I'm traveling the world,
I'll carry you in my heart.
Feel how it's going up (going up, going up),
Feel how it's going down (going down, going down),
My body is calling for it (calling for it, calling for it),
My heart is accelerating...
Abraham Mateo-eo,
From Cadiz to the world.
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