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Antichorus in ancient Athens

This idea has always troubled me:
what if in the peak of lyricism
what if in the most ecstatic moment
of the chorals of an Aeschylean tragedy
when the sensitive and smart chorus
would have judged straightforwardly the missteps
and would have given his advise with such a wisdom
and the civilized audience would have praised
and would have applauded with excitement
the morals and the poetry,
what if, i say,
appeared suddenly on the orchestra
an other sloppy and rough anti-chorus
consisted of ragged slaves of Athens
and asked, as simple as that, in some non artistic verses
of one of their sophomoric companion, containing this meaning briefly:
' Well, that's all you had to say about Agamemnon
well, that's all you had to say about Oedipus
and Orestis and Iphigenia and Antigone,
what about us, don't you have anything to say about us?'